What holiday 15 December 2020 - Tuesday

Holidays 15 December 2020 - Tuesday

Events of the day:

  • December 15, 1884 in the United States registered the Watchtower Society
  • 1791 - adoption of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution ( "Bill of rights"), establishes the basic rights and freedoms of man and citizen (photo)

  • 1821 - founded "The French geographical society" - the world's first (photo)

  • 1905 year - in Saint - Petersburg opened "Pushkin house" - Literature Museum at the Russian Academy of Sciences (photo)

  • 1966 - opened the tenth satellite of Saturn, called Janus (photo)

  • 1970 - Soviet research interplanetary station "Venera-7" made a successful landing Venus, thus becoming the first spacecraft to successfully "conquering" other planets (photo)

  • 1972 - established by the UN environment Programme ", UNEP" (photo)

  • 2000 - the order of the President of Ukraine, LD Kuchma stopped the last operating reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, thus the station is completely decommissioned (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alex, Andrew, Antonina, Athanasius, Boris
  • Faith
  • Vladimir, Dmitri, Ivan, Kirill
  • Constantine
  • Kuzma, Margarita, Maria
  • Matthew, Mirra
  • Nicholas, Paul
  • Sergey, Stepan
  • Tamara, Fedor
  • On this day were born:


    Henry Charles Carey

    János Bolyai

    Alexander Gustave Eiffel

    Henri Becquerel

    Nikolai Nikitin

    Oka Seyfarth

    Don Johnson

    Boris Gryzlov

    Andrew Rasbash

    On this day, died:

    Jan Vermeer

    Alexander Turgenev

    George Cayley

    Alphonse Daudet

    Roman Kondratenko

    Valery Chkalov

    Glenn Miller

    Wolfgang Pauli

    Sergei Ozhegov

    Walt Disney

    Alexander Galich

    Mikhail Zharov

    Serge Lifar

    Harry kemelman

    Constantine Vanshenkin

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