What holiday 20 February 2020 - Thursday

Holidays 20 February 2020 - Thursday

  • World day of social justice
  • day Luke (Moguschnitsa)
  • day candy cockerels
  • Day of the creation of canine criminal police service MIA
  • professional alcoholic Day
  • Day apple - USA
  • Memorial Day Monk Parthenius, bishop Lampsakiyskogo ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1872 - in New York for the first time open to the public one the largest art museums in the world - "Metropolitan Museum" (photo)

  • 1940 - for the first time on television screens released a popular American animated feature "Tom and Jerry" (photo)

  • 1943 - in the middle of a cornfield began the first eruption and formation of the young Mexican volcano - Parícutin (photo)

  • 1962 - astronaut John Glenn was the first among the Americans, and the third in the world (after the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and GS Titov) made orbital space flight, three times circled the Earth (photo)

  • 1983 - the release of the iconic Soviet rock album "Banana Island" (photo)

  • 1988 - the birthday of the rock group "Agatha Christie" (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alexander, Peter, Alex
  • On this day were born:

    Ludwig Boltzmann

    Bela kun

    Porfiry Ivanov

    Lion Dovator

    Cindy Crawford

    Kurt Cobain

    On this day, died:

    Daniel Samoylovich

    Henri Moissan

    Vasily Lebedev-Kumach

    Audrey Munson

    Irina Bugrimova

    Hunter S. Thompson

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