What holiday 11 July 2020 - Saturday

Holidays 11 July 2020 - Saturday

  • World population day
  • of the artist's day around the world
  • nettle Shrovetide
  • World day of chocolate
  • The whole day the agreement (the universe)
  • Feast of the Flemish community in Belgium, ( Holidays Belgium) (photo)

  • Gahanbar Ardvisura ( Holidays Zoroastrianism) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • July 11, 1893 in Japan, artificial pearls first established
  • July 11, 1905 formed the International Association of sports pins
  • July 11, 1930, the opening of the Novosibirsk Theatre of young spectator
  • July 11, 1998 in Moscow, began the World youth games
  • Birthday party:

  • Basil, Herman, Gregory, John
  • Joseph Paul Sergey
  • On this day were born:

    Robert Bruce

    Olympia Mancini

    John Quincy Adams

    Rudolf Abel

    Sergei Vernov

    Yul Brynner

    Giorgio Armani

    Elena Kamburova

    Vyacheslav Anisin

    On this day, died:

    Eugene Boratynsky

    George Gershwin

    Arthur Evans

    John W. Campbell

    Pär Lagerkvist

    Laurence Olivier

    Michael Ancharov

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