What holiday 18 July 2020 - Saturday

Holidays 18 July 2020 - Saturday

  • Day of the creation of the State Fire Safety Inspectorate (RF)
  • Afanasiev day (month holiday)
  • The day walks in the rain
  • Birthday "Tetris"
  • day of the economic service of the Interior Ministry
  • International day of Nelson Mandela
  • day of St. Athanasius Athos
  • National day of hot ( US Holidays) (photo)

  • day sea ​​(2016) ( Holidays Japan) (photo)

  • Gaining honorable relics of St. Sergius, abbot of Radonezh (1422) ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • July 18, 1872 in UK for the first time in the world was held by secret ballot procedure
  •  July 18, 1898 opened a new chemical element - polonium
  • July 18, 1925 in the US, it was announced officially that a woman can be a driver's car is not worse than men
  • July 18, 1945 based Darwin State Nature Biosphere Reserve
  • July 18 1968 extraordinary commission began to work in the United States based company «Intel»
  • Birthday party:

  • Anna, Athanasius, Barbara
  • Basil
  • Gennady, Elizabeth
  • Sergei Stepan
  • On this day were born:

    Robert Hooke

    William Makepeace Thackeray

    Pauline Viardot

    Hendrik Lorenz

    Giacomo Balla

    Anna Knipper (Timireva)

    Olga Spesivtseva

    Andrei Gromyko

    Hume Cronyn

    Nelson Mandela

    Richard Totten Button

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko

    Hunter S. Thompson

    Love Kazarnovsky

    On this day, died:

    Michelangelo da Caravaggio

    Christoph Scheiner

    Jean Antoine Watteau

    Peter III Fedorovich

    Jane Austen

    Vasily Polenov

    Roman Jakobson

    Nico (Christa Peffgen )

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