What holiday 16 March 2020 - Monday

Holidays 16 March 2020 - Monday

  • Eutropius day
  • day crayons
  • day of education departments to combat economic crimes (DAEC)
  • Day spontaneity
  • Day of the creation of the Republican Guard of Kazakhstan ( Holidays Kazakhstan) (photo)

  • Memorial Day martyr Basiliscus of Comana ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1831 - in Paris for the first time presented to Victor Hugo's novel "Notre Dame de Paris" (photo)

  • 1915 - police in St. Petersburg closed one of the centers of cultural life, literature -artistichesky club "Stray dog" (photo)

  • 1936 - at the Gorky automobile plant (GAZ) from the conveyor descended first car Marik "M-1" ( "Emka") (photo)

  • 2014 - in the Crimea, passed the referendum on the status of the peninsula, in which 96.77% voted in favor of entry into the Russian Federation (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Martha, Sebastian, Michael
  • On this day were born:

    James Madison

    Georg Ohm

    Nikolai Languages ​​

    Sully Prudhomme

    Alexander Popov

    Alexander Belyaev

    Vladimir Komarov

    Sergei Jurassic

    Bernardo Bertolucci

    Daisuke Takahashi

    On this day, died:


    William Banting

    Yakov Sverdlov

    Alexander Lodygin

    Austen Chamberlain

    Yakov Perelman

    Nicolas de Stael

    Petr Shcherbakov

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    11:30:05 29-05-2020