What holiday 31 March 2020 - Tuesday

Holidays 31 March 2020 - Tuesday

  • Cyril - Deri runner
  • International day for the backup (day backup)
  • Bubuyny day
  • Holiday colored eyes
  • Day Cesar Chavez ( US Holidays) (photo)

  • Feast of Fire warriors ( Holidays Zoroastrianism) (photo)

  • Memorial Day of St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1889 - in Paris, in a solemn ceremony, the opening of the famous Eiffel tower (photo)

  • 1917 - Denmark for $ 25 million selling US Virgin Islands (photo)

  • 1954 - Soviet Union is applying for membership in NATO, after the west refused (photo)

  • 1999 - on the screens out one of the most famous science-fiction thriller "The Matrix" (photo)

  • 2003 - in Paris were awarded the Russian conductor, artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev, the highest title "UNESCO Artist for peace" (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Gregory Daniel Dmitry
  • Cyril
  • Natalia, Trofim
  • On this day were born:

    Rene Descartes

    Joseph Haydn

    Alexander Vvedensky

    Roman Klein

    Alexandra Kollontai

    Sergei Diaghilev

    Roots Chukovsky

    Liz Claiborne

    Tamara Tyszkiewicz

    Alexander Zbruev

    Vladimir Vinokur

    Lyme Vajkule

    Pavel Bure

    On this day, died:

    Ivan I Kalita

    Francis I

    Isaac Newton

    Charlotte Bronte

    Yuri Samarin

    Hiram Berdan

    Paul Yablochkov

    Maria Skobtsova

    Gleb Krzyzanowski

    Rodion Malinovsky

    Semyon Timoshenko

    Charles Best

    Jesse Owens

    Mikhail Rumyantsev

    Brandon Lee

    Yuri Knorozov

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