What holiday 5 March 2020 - Thursday

Holidays 5 March 2020 - Thursday

  • Lion Katansky
  • Meat-fare Saturday
  • Birthday stapler
  • day turned off gadgets
  • Day of landscapes painted tea
  • National holiday without a name
  • Day of physical culture and sport - Azerbaijan
  • Day of judiciary - Kyrgyzstan
  • Day of the pellets
  • Holiday Spenta Armaiti ( Zoroastrian Holidays) (photo)

  •  Vijaya Ekadashi (2016) ( Holidays India) (photo)

  • Memorial Day Monk Agathon Pechersk ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1711 - Decree of Peter the Great in the Russian Empire established the Senate - the highest state body under the emperor (photo)

  • 1770 - "Boston massacre" - during a riot in Boston, soldiers opened fire on the unarmed crowd, killing 5 people (photo)

  • 1940 year - adopted a resolution of the Politburo of the CPSU (b) on which the NKVD began mass killings of Polish citizens (Katyn Massacre) (photo)

  • 1942 - in Kuibyshev, the premiere of "Seventh symphony" - one of the most important works in the works of Dmitri Shostakovich (photo)

  • 1946 year - the beginning of "Cold war" - Winston Churchill in a speech at the college in Fulton for the first time introduced the concept of the "Iron curtain" (photo)

  • 1958 - took place the first flight of a Soviet jet military plane YAK-28 (photo)

  • 1960 - Cuban photographer Alberto Korda I made iconic photo of Ernest Che Guevara, which sold around the world and became a symbol of revolution and rebellion (photo)

  • 1970 - entered into force developed by the UN "Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons" (photo)

  • 1989 - on the channel "Disney channel" held premiere children's adventure animated series "Chip 'n Dale rescue Rangers" (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alexander, Athanasius, Basil, George Gregory, David
  • Daniel Zahar, Ignatius, Ivan, Konstantin Leontiev
  • Lion
  • Nicholas, Olga, Pavel Sergei, Timothy
  • Tikhon
  • Philip Fedor Jaroslav
  • On this day were born:

    Basil Trediakovskii

    Rosa Luxemburg

    Kasian Goleyzovsky

    Ando Momofuku

    Alex Fatyanov

    Semen Gudzenko

    Vladimir Maslachenko

    Elena Yakovleva

    On this day, died:

    Antonio Correggio

    Andrey Voronikhin

    Franz Mesmer

    Alessandro Volta

    Pierre-Simon Laplace

    Nikolai Leskov

    Georgy Sedov

    Joseph Stalin

    Sergei Prokofiev

    Anna Akhmatova

    Hugo Chavez

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