What holiday 13 May 2020 - Wednesday

Holidays 13 May 2020 - Wednesday

  • day-security escort service of the Interior Ministry (guard day)
  • day of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Navy
  • Warm Jacob
  • Birthday Velcro
  • day storm gong
  • Holiday dandelions
  • day of St. Mary - Colombia
  • Day of the guard (Day for ( Russia Holidays) (photo)

  • Day St. Ignatius Brianchaninov ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • May 13, 1754 issued a decree on the basis of the first bank in Russia
  • May 13, 1888" Golden law "abolished slavery in Brazil
  • May 13, 1991 began a television broadcast the All-Russian state television and Radio Company (VGTRK), and the news program" Vesti "
  • 1637 - French Cardinal Rishilё for personal safety given the order to round out all knives used in the reception of food, so there was a table knife (photo)

  • 1754 year - Elizabeth signed a decree on the establishment of the first Russian state bank (photo)

  • 1927 - based football club "Dynamo Kiev" (photo)

  • 1930 - wiped out the population of wild marsupial wolves (photo)

  • 1942 - schoolgirl siege of Leningrad Tatiana Savicheva made last entry in his diary, which became one of the symbols of the Great Patriotic war (photo)

  • 1950 - in England, in the town of Silverstone hosted the first race of the first championship, "Formula 1" (photo)

  • 1958 - Swiss engineer George de Mestral registered trademark "Velcro" for its textile Velcro (photo)

  • 1981 - on the life of Pope John Paul II made an unsuccessful attempt (photo)

  • 1991 - on the TV channel "Russian TV" began airing news program "Vesti" (photo)

  • 2000 - by decree of the President in Russia created federal districts and the institute of plenipotentiaries of the President of the Federal District (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Basil, Ephraim, Ignatius, Clement
  • Maxim, Nikita, Jacob
  • On this day were born:

    Alexey Khomyakov

    Alphonse Daudet

    Ronald Ross

    Frank Brangwyn

    Roger Zelazny

    On this day, died:

    Fridtjof Nansen

    Alexander Fadeev

    Chet Baker

    Valery Lobanovsky

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