What holiday 3 May 2019 - Friday

Holidays 3 May 2019 - Friday

  • World Press Freedom Day ( press)
  • Oklikanie ancestors
  • Birthday "spam"
  • day sun
  • World day control asthma
  • sunny day pyatnashek
  • Day of positivity in your mind
  • constitution day ( Japan Holidays) (photo)

  • National day Third May ( Holidays Poland) (photo)

  • Commemoration of St. Theodore trichina ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1904 - American George Parker received a patent for his first invention of writing pen (photo)

  • 1957 - in the USSR adopts a resolution on the reorganization of collective farms into state farms (photo)

  • 1978 - Birthday spam - sent the first recorded spam message (photo)

  • 1991 - the signing of "Windhoek Declaration" aimed at maintaining freedom of the press in all countries (photo)

  • 1997 - in Dublin in the Eurovision Alla Pugacheva contest with the song "Diva" took 15th place (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alexander, Gabriel, Gregory
  • Nicholas Fedor
  • On this day were born:

    Sergius of Radonezh

    Niccolo Machiavelli

    Yuri Samarin

    Alexander Benois

    Golda Meir

    Nikolai Yakovchenko

    věra čáslavská

    Tatyana Tolstaya

    Natalia Andreichenko

    On this day, died:

    Elizabeth Khitrovo

    Roman Klein

    John Edgar Rubin



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