What holiday 10 November 2020 - Tuesday

Holidays 10 November 2020 - Tuesday

  • World science day
  • day of the employee of law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation
  • International day of accounting (day accountant)
  • World youth day
  • World quality day
  • Paraskeva Lnyanitsy
  • day view black and white film
  • world usability day
  • International Day of Accounting (International Accounting Day)
  • Day embroiderers and patroness of all needlewomen Paraskeva
  • police day - Tajikistan
  • day of St. Job, hegumen of Pochaev
  • The day of the first proclamation of independence ( Panama Holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  •  November 10, 1939 in the United States first introduced a car with air conditioning
  • November 10, 1982 created a rock band "Nautilus Pompilius"
  • November 10, 1983 created the first computer virus
  • Birthday party:

  • Anna, Arseny, Athanasius, George, Dmitry
  • Ivan Kuzma, Maxim, Naum, neon
  • Nicholas, Paul, Praskovya
  • Stepan
  • Terence, Timothy
  • On this day were born:

    Martin Luther

    Ninon de l'Enclos

    Friedrich Schiller

    Andrei Tupolev

    Georgi Ivanov

    Erast Garin

    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Ennio Morricone

    Viktor Sukhorukov

    Mikhail Efremov

    Igor Sorin

    On this day, died:

    Gigue Zoysa

    Alexei Koltsov

    Gabriel Batenkov

    Nikolai Batalov

    Mustafa Kemal

    Leonid Brezhnev

    Helena Velikanova

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