What holiday 14 January 2020 - Tuesday

Holidays 14 January 2020 - Tuesday

  • Old New year (Vasiliev day)
  • day of pipeline troops Russia
  • Day white birds
  • Birthday Moscow region
  • day of defenders of the Motherland ( Holidays Uzbekistan) (photo)

  • international kite festival ( India Holidays) (photo)

  • Circumcision of the Lord ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1506 - in the vineyards Eskvilana was found a Roman marble copy of sculpture "Laocoön and His Sons" (photo)

  • 1700 - Peter I the nobles decree ordered to wear short European costumes (photo)

  • 1814 year - in St. Petersburg, the grand opening of the Imperial Public library - one of the largest libraries in the world (photo)

  • 1814 - with the signing of a peace treaty in Kiel ended the Anglo-Danish war of 1807-1814 gg (photo)

  • 1914 - Henry Ford for the first time in the world used the pipelined method of assembling vehicles (photo)

  • 1929 - was founded Moscow region (photo)

  • 1972 - Queen of Denmark Margrethe II ascended the throne (photo)

  • 1980 - based military-patriotic rock band Lube (photo)

  • 1992 - in Moscow established Masonic lodge "Harmony" (photo)

  • 2005 - space umbrella "Huygens" landed successfully on the surface of Titan (Saturn's moon) (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alexander, Basil, Gregory Michael
  • Peter Trofim
  • Bogdan, Vyacheslav
  • , Ivan, Nicholas, Plato, Fedot
  • On this day were born:

    Adam Czartoryski

    Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shan

    Berthe Morisot

    Albert Schweitzer

    Anatoly Rybakov

    Yukio Mishima

    Ludmila Pinaeva

    Valeri Kharlamov

    Anna Samokhina

    On this day, died:

    Nikolai Sheremetev


    Michael Naryshkin

    Lewis Carroll

    Zinovy ​​Rozhdestvensky

    Harry Stack Sullivan

    Sergei Korolev

    Peter Finch

    Kurt Gödel

    Vitaly Gol'danskii

    Leonid Jabotinsky

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