What holiday 17 January 2020 - Friday

Holidays 17 January 2020 - Friday

  • World Day of religion
  • Day of creativity and inspiration
  • Children's inventions Day
  • World day of snow (World snow day)
  • day appeasement telephone deity
  • Feast of St. Antonio
  • Cathedral 70 ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1377 - the permanent residence of the Pope becomes the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican (photo)

  • 1772 - in the Danish-Norwegian kingdom comes coup, in which power comes Johann Struense (photo)

  • 1773 - English sailor and explorer James Cook ship Resolution was the first who crossed the Antarctic circle (photo)

  • 1920 - Resolution of the Central Executive Committee and SNK of the RSFSR in the Soviet Russia abolished the death penalty. However, the ban does not operate for a long time - until May 4, 1920 (photo)

  • 1921 - SNK RSFSR adopted a decree "On aircraft movements" marked the beginning of civil aviation in the USSR (photo)

  • 1970 - the first test flight of Sukhoi produced Su-24 (photo)

  • 2010 - Ukraine held a presidential election, victory in which was gained Viktor Yanukovych (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Alexander Arkhipov, Denis, Joseph Clement, Nicanor
  • Paul
  • Simon, Timothy, Thaddeus, Aristarchus
  • Athanasius
  • Efim
  • Carp, Mark Nicholas .
  •  Prokhorov
  • Stepan, trophy, Philippe
  • On this day were born:

    Benjamin Franklin

    Nikolai Zhukovsky

    Konstantin Stanislavsky

    Al Capone

    Leonid Trauberg


    Muhammad Ali

    Semen Altos

    Maya Chiburdanidze

    Jim Carrey

    On this day, died:

    Fedor Ivanovich I

    Tomaso Albinoni

    Alexander Dargomyzhsky

    Rutherford Burchard Hayes

    Patrice Lumumba

    Varlam Shalamov

    Czeslaw Niemen

    Robert Fischer

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