What holiday 21 January 2020 - Tuesday

Holidays 21 January 2020 - Tuesday

  • engineering troops day
  • International day of hugs
  • day postgraduate
  • Yemelyan Perezimniki
  • Day of quiet steps and obscure views of
  • Day alcoholic independence
  • Day grandmother - Poland
  • memory Reverend George Hozevita Day ( Orthodox holidays) (photo)

  • Prosinets ( Slavs Holidays) (photo)

  • Events of the day:

  • 1701 - in Moscow, under the decree of Peter I opened the first engineering, artillery and Naval School - "School Pushkarskaya order" (photo)

  • 1775 - on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow executed Emelyan Pugachev, pretending to be Peter III of (photo)

  • 1945 - Resolution People's Commissars of the Council decision on the establishment of the main Botanical garden in Moscow (photo)

  • 1954 - the United States launched the world's first nuclear-powered submarine "Nautilus" (photo)

  • 1976 - supersonic airliner "Concord" was put into commercial operation, and committed his first flight on the route London - Bahrain (photo)

  • 1981 - the company DeLorean Motor company in Northern Ireland released the first car DeLorean DMC-12, it is noteworthy that such cars acted as a time machine in the popular movie "Back to the future" (1985) (photo)

  • 2006 - in the woods near the Australian city bloomed found buried in the ground statuette work of Benvenuto Cellini - "Salvera" stolen from the Museum of history of Art in 2003. Price discovery - not less than 50 million euro (photo)

  • Birthday party:

  • Vasilisa, Victor, Basil, Vladimir
  • Gregory
  • George, Dmitry, Emelyan, Eugene
  • Ilya, Ivan, Michael, Julian
  • On this day were born:

    John Browning

    Pavel Florensky

    Umberto Nobile

    Pitirim Sorokin

    Oleg Volkov

    Christian Dior

    Igor Moiseyev

    Paul Shpringfeld

    Arno Babajanyan

    Steven Reeves

    Placido Domingo

    Dmitry Kharatyan

    On this day, died:

    Emelyan Pugachev

    Ivan Gorbachev

    Alexander Herzen

    Alexander Bryullov

    Vladimir Lenin

    Mitrofan Pyatnitsky

    George Orwell

    Johan Grettumsbroten

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